Dr. Ann Marie Stephenson is Appointed to the State Board of Physicians

Dr. Ann Marie Stephenson of Capital Digestive Care has been appointed to Maryland’s State Board of Physicians. She was among the nominees included in Governor Larry Hogan’s 2017 “Green Bag” appointments last month. As part of the State Board of Physicians, she will have a voice in helping to assure quality health care through state licensing, credentialing and patient protections. ​

​Dr. Stephenson is a unique healthcare professional with a strong commitment to community who believes that providing great medical care requires forming trusting relationships with her patients. She sees patients in Capital Digestive Care’s Rockville location on Key West Avenue and is actively seeking to expand services to residents of Prince George’s County later this year. Dr. Stephenson attended St. Joseph’s University and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board certified in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology. Find out more about her by reading her full bio.

​In all, Governor Hogan submitted 189 “green bag” appointments for more than 70 boards and commissions to the state Senate this year. It is a longstanding tradition for a member of the governor’s staff to deliver the bag once a year to the Maryland State Senate. Dating back to 17th-century England, the term “green bag” refers to the green leather satchel that is used once every year to bring the gubernatorial nominations to the Senate for confirmation.

​The Governor’s office says the appointees come from all regions of the state and from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds that reflect the state. This year 32% percent of the “green bag” nominations will fill roles on boards and commissions that focus on economic development and education roles. See the full list of current Green Bag nominations here.