Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Quality of Care Standard

Capital Digestive Care is committed to providing competent and compassionate care, while respecting and safeguarding the dignity of the patient, and allowing patients access to all medical and ethical information necessary to make decisions about their care. Capital Digestive Care will serve the whole person in his/her intellectual, emotional, and physical dimensions.

It is Capital Digestive Care’s policy to treat patients without regard to race, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ability to pay, or any other classification protected by law. Capital Digestive Care and its employees will respect and maintain the dignity of each patient and provide appropriate care based upon the patient’s need, with emphasis on treating the person rather than the disease.

Patients (or their representatives) will be allowed and encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their care. Health professionals will communicate medical information to patients in a manner that allows them to understand the status of their condition and make an informed decision regarding their treatment.

All Capital Digestive Care personnel shall observe the rights of patients.

Patient Rights

All patients have the right to:

  • Receive treatment without regard to race, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ability to pay, or any other classification protected by law.
  • Receive considerate and respectful care from competent personnel in a clean and safe environment.
  • Be free from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, neglect, exploitation, and the use of unnecessary restraints.
  • Receive all information in the language or manner primarily used and that is easy to understand.
    • Capital Digestive Care will provide appropriate aids and services without charge and in a timely manner, including qualified sign language interpreters for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as oral and written language assistance for people with limited English proficiency.
    • If you require an interpreter, please notify the office at the time of scheduling.
  • Know the name and credentials of the physician or provider primarily responsible for coordinating care and any other physician or provider who may participate in care.
  • Receive complete information regarding diagnosis, indications, planned treatment, and prognosis, as well as alternative treatments/procedures and the possible risks/side effects associated with treatment. If it is medically inadvisable to disclose to the patient such information, the information shall be given to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized individual.
  • Be informed of all clinical information about any proposed treatment or procedure necessary to give or refuse consent.
  • Be informed about advance directives, living wills, medical power of attorney, or other advance directives as required by prevailing laws and regulations.
    • Capital Digestive Care will not execute or recognize Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders while you are under anesthesia/sedation. All practical measures will be utilized to prevent loss of life and any advance directive, including DNR orders, will be suspended during endoscopic procedures.
  • Participate in all decisions involving health care, except when such participation is contra-indicated for medical reasons.
  • Obtain reasonable responses to any reasonable request made for service.
  • Refuse treatment in accordance with laws and regulations, discharge against the medical advice of a physician or provider and be informed of the health effects this decision may have.
  • Change physician or provider to another available physician or provider, unless meeting the criteria for discharge from Capital Digestive Care.
  • Have safe and clean medical equipment used during care provided by personnel who have been trained on its use.
  • Be provided privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of all information and records regarding care. Case discussion, consultation, examination, and treatment are confidential and shall be conducted discreetly.
  • Be advised as to the reason for the presence of any individual during delivery of care or discussions regarding care.
  • Access information contained in medical record, approve, or refuse the release of health information, except when it is required by law, and ask for an accounting of uses and disclosures of health information.
  • Be aware of our credit card policy, fees for service, payment schedule, and billing process.
  • Examine and receive an explanation of a bill for services regardless of source of payment.
  • Be informed of and refuse participation in any research or experimental projects without compromise to usual care.
  • An appropriate assessment and adequate management of pain.
  • Know in advance the time and location of an appointment, as well as the physician or provider delivering the care.
  • Continuity of care. The physician or provider may not discontinue treatment of a patient if further treatment is medically indicated, without giving sufficient opportunity to make alternative arrangements.
  • Participate in the referral process when consultation with another physician or provider is necessary.
  • Be assured that in the event of needed long-term care, Capital Digestive Care will provide the mechanisms to help advance the development of continuing quality care.
  • Be informed if the office has authorized other healthcare and educational institutions to participate in treatment and know the identity and functions of this institution.
  • Refuse to allow other healthcare and educational institutions to participate in treatment.
  • Be informed by the responsible physician or provider of the continuing health care requirements following discharge.
  • Complain, make suggestions, or file a grievance about the care and services without fear of reprisal or discrimination.
    • If you believe that Capital Digestive Care has failed to provided services in a safe manner or feel your rights have been violated, you may submit your concerns in person or by telephone to the practice or center Administrator or in writing to Capital Digestive Care’s Grievance Officer, Michael Weinstein, MD via
    • Transfer rights to a person with legal authority to make medical care decisions on your behalf.

Patient Responsibilities

In partnership with and in the spirit of mutual trust and respect for the physicians, providers, and personnel at Capital Digestive Care, all patients have a responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate past and present medical history, present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, medications, and other pertinent data.
  • Provide information regarding any living will, medical power of attorney or other directive that could affect treatment or care.
  • Update personal and demographic information as needed.
  • Make it known whether there is a full understanding of the prescribed treatment course and what is expected.
  • Take an active role in medical care decisions and seek additional information or clarification when needed.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by the physician or provider.
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport home and remain present for at least 24 hours, if required by the physician or provider.
  • Pay for health care services should be rendered in a timely manner.
  • Accept the potential health consequences for refusing treatment or not following instructions given by the physician, provider, or designated personnel.
  • Keep scheduled appointments and notify the office as soon as possible if there is a reason for delay or cancellation.
  • Notify personnel of any actual or suspected safety concerns.
  • Leave valuables at home, as Capital Digestive Care is not responsible for missing or stolen property that has been left unattended.
  • Show respect and consideration for other people and property.
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality of other patients.
  • Supervise accompanying children in the suite at all times.