Saturday Colonoscopy Screening Days

Saturday Colonoscopy Screening Days Poster featuring Amy Shah, MD

People who are overdue for colon cancer screenings give several reasons for putting off their colonoscopies.  One reason is that they’re too busy.  Another is that they are concerned about taking time off from their jobs during the work week.  But colon cancer screenings save lives.  That’s why we are spreading the word about upcoming Saturday screening days.

The Endoscopy Center of Washington, DC will be open for colonoscopy screenings on Saturday, July 20th.  Colonoscopy appointments will be scheduled with  Amy Shah, MD.  This is a great opportunity for patients who are unable to schedule appointments between Monday and Friday.  But spaces are limited, so call 240-737-0085 now to reserve your consultation.  More Saturday screening days are planned for the near future.  We will keep you posted on upcoming days and times.    


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