Men’s Health

June is National Men’s Health Month. The focus of this observance is to encourage men to focus on their health needs, checkups, screenings, and yearly physicals. Unfortunately, one of the unique health challenges faced by men is the reluctance of many to seek health care. Government figures show men are 24% less likely to have seen a doctor in the past year than women. This is significant because many of the major health risks that men face (such as colon cancer and heart disease)  can be prevented and treated with an earlier diagnosis.

As health care providers, we can do our part by heightening awareness of preventable disorders while encouraging early detection and treatment of diseases. We encourage men of all ages to keep up with their medical screenings, seek regular medical advice, and get timely treatment for illnesses and injuries. When it comes to staying healthy, it’s essential to maintain a healthy weight, eat various fruits and vegetables, get regular physical activity, reduce stress as much as possible, and avoid smoking. Please see other helpful pieces regarding maintaining health below:

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