Embarrassing Questions About Colonoscopies

Colonoscopies save lives thanks to their ability to not only detect colorectal cancer, but also because they allow us to remove precancerous polyps that could turn into cancer down the road. Despite the life-saving benefits of colonoscopies as a screening tool, we understand that many patients may have anxiety about the procedure. We sat down with Dr. Danielle Culbert of our Gastrointestinal & Liver Disease Specialists practice in Suffolk, Virginia to help answer questions that many patients are too embarrassed to ask their providers.

1. Will I poop on myself or someone else?

Definitely not! Patients undergoing a colonoscopy will be cleaned out before they arrive thanks to the prep process that they’ll complete at home. Anything left over will be cleaned out during the procedures. Patients will absolutely not leave their procedure messy.

2. Will it hurt?

No, it will not hurt because you’ll be sedated during the procedure. You will wake up refreshed and maybe even wondering if you had anything done at all. We do everything we can to ensure as pleasant of an experience as possible. Most likely, you will not even remember the actual procedure.

3. Will anyone see my naked rear?

No, the only person who will see your behind, very briefly, is your physician. We are very conscious and proactive about modesty, and we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible.

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