Capital Digestive Care Continues to Serve Patients Through Telehealth

Woman experiencing a virtual Dr. Appointment

An early adopter of telehealth technology, Capital Digestive Care has been able to provide continuity of care to patients with “virtual visits” during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. As the pandemic sweeps the country and state and local officials expand efforts through social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders, patients face difficult choices to stay home or seek treatment for a range of digestive health conditions, some of which may be exacerbated due to stress or changes in eating habits or routines.

In March, Capital Digestive Care expanded its telehealth platform, which had been in use by a limited number of providers since last year.  The expansion allows patients, established or new, to schedule a virtual visit with any Capital Digestive Care doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant from the comfort and safety of their home.  Using a computer (preferred for quality) or other electronic device patients log in to their appointment.  Audio and video capabilities offer the same opportunity to “see” your doctor to discuss symptoms and seek treatment.

Access to telehealth visits has been expanded under emergency legislation issued to increase safety for patients and the population at large.  All major insurance companies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, are offering coverage for telehealth visits.

Patients who would like to schedule a telehealth appointment should click here to book a visit.