Dr. Richard Gelfand on Colon Cancer - Definitely “Of Consuming Interest”

Capital Digestive Care gastroenterologist Dr. Richard Gelfand joined Shirley Rooker on her Federal News Radio broadcast “Of Consuming Interest” to discuss colon cancer screening and allay some common fears about colonoscopy. The American Cancer Society identifies colonoscopy as the highest performing screening tool available, but it often gets a bad rap because of the preparation required to perform an accurate and successful procedure. “It’s not what it used to be” says Dr. Gelfand, referring to improvements to preparation methods in recent years. And thorough cleansing of the bowel is critical, enabling the gastroenterologist to see any polyps that may be present in the colon.

1 in 20 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer in their lifetime and colonoscopy is a “win,win” according to Dr. Gelfand. The procedure is painless and typically takes less than an hour.