56 Thomas Johnson Drive Suite 110 Frederick MD 21702
56 Thomas Johnson Drive
Suite 110

Frederick MD 21702
Capital Digestive Care Frederick, MD Office

Inclement Weather Alert 02/20/19: The office will be closed on 02/20/2019 due to the pending snow storm.

P. (301) 810-5252 F. (301) 810-5255

The Frederick, MD office of Capital Digestive Care is our 17th and newest location.  It opened on 56 Thomas Johnson Drive in the fall of 2017 and has already become a popular location for patients in the region.  It is staffed by Doctors Faisal Bhinder, Mark Birns, Mark Gloger, Anna Strongin, and Victor Witten.  As the practice has grown, these doctors have recognized a need to reach patients who live around the northern areas of Frederick County.  

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Preparation Instruction

  • Colonoscopy - Capital Digestive Care Preparation Kit English
  • Colonoscopy - Capital Digestive Care Preparation Kit 2 English
  • Colonoscopy - HalfLytely Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - Magnesium Citrate Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - Miralax Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - MoviPrep Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - Osmo Prep Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - Prepopik Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy - Suprep Preparation English
  • Colonoscopy HalfLytely 2-Day Preparation English
  • Endoscopy (EGD) Preparation Instructions English
  • ERCP Preparation Instructions English
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy - Under Sedation English
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Preparation- Without Sedation English
  • Hydrogen Breath Test - Lactose Intolerance English
  • Hydrogen Breath Test Bacterial Overgrowth English
  • IRC Preparation Instructions - Under Sedation English
  • IRC Preparation Instructions - Without Sedation English
  • Liver Biopsy Instructions English
  • Breath Helicobacter Testing (H-Pylori) English Español

Inclement Weather Alert

Due to existing or impending inclement weather, office hours at one or more of our locations may change. Please view our "Locations" page, select a specific office location and click "See Details & Doctors" to view the operating hours and any associated inclement weather alerts for that office. We will continue to update this information throughout the storm warning.

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